Welding Certificate

Professional Welding Training

Full Course - 4 months


IPS Welding Labs, 7080 Pyla, Larnaka   View map


Short Courses


Professional Welding Training

Welding Theoretical Part

  • Introduction to Welding Technology
  • Arc welding. Shielded Metal – Arc Welding – SMAW (MMA – Stick Welding)
  • Variables of SMAW. Welding process. Properties of electric arc
  • Temperature field. Heat transfer. Thermal cycle
  • Residual stresses. Distortions
  • Partially melted zone. Iron – carbon phase diagram
  • Cooling rate. Solidification of weld metal
  • Phase transformations. Final welding microstructure
  • Heat affected zone
  • Mechanical properties of weld metal. Stress-strain curve
  • Classification designations of covered electrodes
  • Discontinuities – weld defects
  • Weld inspection and testing. Non-Destructive Evaluation
  • The duration of the theoretical part will cover 15% to 20% of the total program.


Welding Practical Part

  • The shielded Metal Arc Welding Process
  • Safety guidelines for welding training. Safety rules
  • Hand tools and power tools used in welding
  • Welding machines
  • Welding positions
  • Cutting out parts – edge and surface butt weld preparation, joint geometry
  • Fit-up and assembly of the parts. Workmanship standards for welding
  • Preparation and welding on carbon steel plates in PF (3G uphill) position
  • Preparation and welding on carbon steel pipes in H-L045 (6G uphill) position


Certification Process

  • Welding of test specimens following WPS (preliminary welding procedure specification prepared in accordance with ISO 15614)
  • Application of quality level of imperfections B in fusion-welded joints (Quality level B corresponds to the highest requirement on the finished weld in accordance with ISO 5817)
  • Certification by TUV Cyprus – PF position – thickness of plate 10 mm (butt weld – full penetration)
  • Certification by TUV Cyprus – H-L045 position – pipe diameter 168 mm, thickness 8 mm (butt weld – full penetration)
  • Test of job knowledge in accordance with ISO 9606 (includes questions on the matters related to the welding process used in qualification test of welders)

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