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Professional Certifications Accredited by the Global Oil & Gas Industry

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High School or Technical School degree/diploma

Professional Diploma in Oil & Gas


WHY Study Oil & Gas?

  • One of the world’s largest industries.
  • Large discoveries of Natural Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean Area that will be exploited by large multinationals starting in 2018.
  • Cyprus can be an Energy Hub that can bridge the Middle East with the European Market.
  • Oil & Gas is not only about exploration but also about constructing, transporting, refining, distribution, petrochemical production.

WHY Choose the IPS?

  • We bring the industry to you
  • We bring you in touch with the industry
  • We provide you with certificates with international accreditation
  • We have a growing network with the large Oil & Gas multinationals
  • We support you in pursuing the career of your dreams

Aims of the Programme

The Professional Diploma in Oil & Gas aims to assist students to acquire the necessary technical skills and produce well trained and qualified personnel able to enter technical roles within the Oil & Gas/Petrochemical Industry in Cyprus and abroad.

Specialisation as:

  • Drilling & Rig Technician
  • Welding & Pipeline Technician
  • Mechanical Technician
  • Electrical Technician

The IPS Energy School cooperates with the International Safety Training College (ISTC) in Malta to provide students with the International Offshore Safety Certificates of OPITO. Learn More about the Certificates and Training here.

The IPS Energy School cooperates with TUV Austria to provide students with Internationally recognised Welder’s Qualification Certificates. Learn More about the Certificates and Training here.

For the Academic Calendar of 2018-2019 click Diploma Academic Calendar 2018-19.

International Network of Companies

  • ENI
  • Saipem
  • Halliburton
  • Weatherford
  • EAC
  • Medserv
  • Multimarine Services
  • EDT Cyprus
  • Synergas

Programme Structure

Year 1

  • Basic Terminology for the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Fundamental Principles of Mechanics
  • Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Onshore and Offshore Exploration and Production
  • Processing, Transportation and Distribution of Oil &Gas
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Introduction to the four specialisation streams

Year 2

Depending on the Specialisation Pathway:

  • Training based on the requirements of the contemporary industry
  • Training based on the standards of the IADC and the IWCF
  • Intense training on welding positions 1G – 6G and methods MMA-TIG



Year 1: Core & Optional Modules
EC1000 English Language and Technical Writing 10.0
EC1001 Introduction to Mechanics 5.0
EC1002 Mathematics for Technicians 10.0
EC1003  Introduction to Petroleum geology & Upstream Activities 10.0
EC1004 General Workplace Health & Safety 5.0
EC1005 Midstream & Downstream Activities and Petrochemical Processing 10.0
EC1007 Non Destructive Testing 5.0
EC1008 Introduction to Materials Science 5.0
EC1009 Electrical Fundamentals 10.0
Year 2: Core & Pathway Modules
EC2101 Reading Technical Drawings 5.0
EC2102 Mechanics and Mechanical Principles 5.0
EC2103 Industrial and Field Machine Elements 10.0
EC2104 Advanced Material Technology 5.0
EC2105 Fluid Mechanics 10.0
EC2106 Lathe and Milling Machines 5.0
EC2107 Machinery Maintenance 5.0
EC2109 Safety in Oil & Gas Fields 5.0
EC2201 AC Electric Circuits 5.0
EC2202 Instrumentation and Control 10.0
EC2203  Electrical Installations & Regulations 10.0
EC2204 Digital Systems and Electronic Devices 10.0
EC2205 Power Systems and Motor Controls  10.0
EC2206 Programmable Logic Controllers 5.0
EC2301 Fundamentals of Drilling Operations, Processes and Equipment 10.0
EC2302 Applied Well Technology and Well Control 10.0
EC2303 Casing and Cementing 5.0
EC2401 Welding Processes and Equipment 10.0
EC2402 Fundamentals of Metallurgy 5.0
 EC2403  Blueprint Reading for Welders and Pipefitters 5.0
 EC2404  Practical Welding I  10.0
 EC2405  Weldability and Material Behaviour 5.0
 EC2406  Basic Pipefitting Skills 5.0
 EC2407  Practical Welding II  10.0