High School or Technical School degree/diploma

Professional Diploma in Automotive Mechanics

WHY Study Automotive Mechanics?

  • It is considered one of the top future occupations
  • The technology is advancing creating the necessity for young, IT oriented technicians
  • With a two-year diploma and one year of experience, you can start your own garage

WHY Choose the IPS?

  • We provide you with hands-on practical training
  • We provide you with training on advanced software
  • We provide you with placement opportunities
  • We work with a British University’s quality standards
  • We support you in pursuing the career of your dreams

Aims of the Programme

The purpose of this Professional Diploma is to provide students with a deep understanding of the automotive science and technology discipline and introduce them to the functional fundamentals of modern automobile engines and electronic systems. Through their practical training, students will learn about the proper use of tools and automobile vehicles diagnostics, obtaining repair and maintenance, as well as garage management skills.

For the Academic Calendar of 2018-2019 click Diploma Academic Calendar 2018-19

Programme Structure

Year 1

  • Basic Terminology for the Automotive Industry
  • Fundamental Principles of Mechanics
  • Introduction to the Automotive Industry
  • Thermodynamics & Materials Science
  • Electrical & Electronic Automobile Systems
  • Occupational Health & Safety

Year 2

  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Transmission – Suspension Systems
  • Vehicle diagnostics and repair
  • Introduction to Garage Management
  • Use of alternative fuels
  • Hands-on Practical Experience



Year 1: Core & Elective Modules
EL1000 English Language and Automotive Terminology 5.0
EC1002 Mathematics for Technicians 5.0
EC1004 General Workplace Health & Safety 5.0
AM1001  Introduction to Automotive Mechanics 5.0
AM1002 Basic Principles of Electrical Systems 5.0
AM1003 Reading Technical Drawing 5.0
AM1004 Introduction to Material Science 5.0
AM1005 Electrical & Electronic Systems of Vehicles 5.0
AM1006 Basic Principles of Thermodynamics 10.0
Year 2: Core & Elective Modules
AM2002 Internal Combustion Engines 10.0
AM2003 Power Generation and Transmission Systems 10.0
AM2004 Garage Management 5.0
AM2006 Steering, Suspension and Braking systems 10.0
AM2007 Vehicle Diagnostics, Repair & Maintenance 10.0
AM2101 Marine Engines 5.0
AM2102 Alternative Fuels and Engines 5.0
AM2103 Advanced Internal Combustion Engines 5.0
AM2104 Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems 5.0
AM2200 Practical Experience 10.0